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Green Data Center

CTI provides green data center services related to green and low-carbon energy efficiency. Huatest certification was established in 1993, approved by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA), and recognized by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), which is the earliest in China Third-party certification body. China Test Certification is a third-party evaluation agency approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the "Industrial Energy Conservation and Green Manufacturing Evaluation Center". It provides many well-known companies with green factories, green design products, green parks, green supply chains, and green data centers.

Green Data Center

Background and significance

At present, with the integration of digital technology and real economy, digital economy is developing rapidly. According to the estimate, the scale of China's digital economy in 2019 has reached 35.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 36.2% of GDP. Data center is the core infrastructure of digital economy, and its energy saving and green development are increasingly attracting the attentions from the society. It is estimated that the annual power consumption of data centers in China is more than 120 billion kwh, accounting for about 2% of the total social power consumption in China.

In order to speed up the construction of green data center and lead the data center to take a road of high-efficiency, low-carbon, intensive and circular green development, and according to the requirements of the Guidance on Strengthening the Construction of Green Data Center issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of State Organ Affairs and the State Energy Administration (MIIT [2019] No. 24), here it is to organize the recommendation work of the National Green Data Center for year 2020.

Declaration requirements

The owner of the data center shall have independent legal personality, clear property rights of the data center, abide by relevant laws, regulations, policies and standards in the process of construction and operation. There shall be no major or more serious safety, environmental protection and other accidents in the past 3 years (including less than 3 years of establishment), and no other serious violations and dishonesty identified by judicial and administrative organs;

It shall have clear and complete physical boundary, independent power supply and distribution and refrigeration system meeting the requirements of Green and Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan (FGHZ [2019] No.1054), and has been operating for more than 1 year as of the declaration date;

The construction and layout shall meet the requirements of the Guidance on the Construction and Layout of Data Center (GXBLT [2013] No.13), and meet the requirements of local construction planning and other local laws and regulations;

It has not been listed in the Energy Efficiency Special Supervision and Rectification List of Industrial Energy Saving Supervision Data Center in 2019.

Recommended sectors

Key application sectors in data centers such as production and manufacturing, telecommunications, Internet, public institutions, energy, finance, E-commerce, etc

Declaration procedures

The declaring enterprise shall carry out self-evaluation and fills in the self-evaluation report according to the Green Data Center Evaluation indicators System

Third party organization evaluation

The provincial competent department of industry and information technology shall evaluate the declaration materials and recommend them to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with relevant departments will organize experts to review the declaration materials and study and determine the list of National Green Data Center in 2020

Special instructions

The data centers of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., China Mobile Communication Group Co., Ltd. and China United Network Communications Limited can be directly recommended by the group company to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The declaration of data centers affiliated to bank insurance institutions shall be separately notified by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and recommended to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

CTI capability

CTI International Certification (hereafter refers to "CTI Certification") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to "CTI"). As early as 2017, CTI Certification was qualified and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the third-party evaluation agency for Industrial Energy Saving and Green Manufacturing Evaluation Center to provide green manufacturing third-party evaluation services to many industry customers. CTI Certification has more than 30 full-time personnel with intermediate title or above who are engaged in green data center evaluation. Including the senior professional titles of electronic information, communication, measurement, energy, mechanical and electrical, HVAC and other related disciplines required in the document.

In the past five years, CTI Certification has led or participated in more than 10 data center related reviews, demonstrations, certification, evaluation, scientific research projects, and the compilation of industry and group standards. It is qualified to be a green data center evaluation institutions.

CTI is the largest third-party testing institution in China, and also the earliest listed testing institution in China. It has the CMA (China Metrology Accreditation) certificate issued by the metrological administrative department at or above the provincial level and the laboratory accreditation certificate authorized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

In terms of personnel ability, qualification requirements and green manufacturing evaluation experience, CTI Certification can meet the requirements of green data center evaluation of third-party organizations. CTI Certification will also provide evaluation services for declaring enterprises with whole heart.

Deadline for declaration: September 25, 2020

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The original link: http://www.miit.gov.cn/n1146285/n1146352/n3054355/n3057542/n3057545/c8044996/content.html

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