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VOC and Odor Test

CTI VOC laboratory have the comprehensive capacity in vehicle interior air test, including odor test, fogging test, formaldehyde analysis, total carbon, VOC analysis for material/parts/whole vehicle with the sampling methods of bag method and chamber method, training of odor evaluation and testing reports are widely accredited by OEMs and suppliers in auto industry.

VOC and Odor Test

◉    Service Background

Quality of interior air in vehicle has attracted much attention because of its impact on the health of drivers and passengers. Complaints related to the odor in vehicle is increasing in recent years and this makes the quality of interior air in vehicle becomes one of the most important factors for consumers to choose a vehicle.

CTI VOC laboratory is one of the earliest domestic laboratories to establish the capacity of VOC test, odor test and others emission test for vehicles, interior parts and materials. We provide professional testing, technical services, risk identification of products and technical solutions for customers which help customers improve the quality of products and meet the sustainable development strategy of green environment protection.

◉    Service content

一、Our testing capabilities cover all items of the automotive industry in vehicle interior air test.


Test item or method

Non-metallic material


Formaldehyde/Aldehydes and ketones


Total carbon and specific substances

VOC of Thermal Desorption Method

VOC of Bag method

VOC of Micro-chamber method


VOC and odor of 1m3 chamber method

VOC and odor of Bag method

Whole vehicle

VOC and odor

HJ/T400 and ISO12219-1


二、Scope of application

  Whole vehicle, Interior component, non-metallic material


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四、Test period and sample requirements

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◉    Our advantage

CTI VOC laboratory has comprehensive and professional testing capabilities, advanced equipment and experienced test team.

Widely accredited by OEMs and suppliers in China auto industry.

Provide comprehensive VOC and odor one-stop solution, including: VOC test, odor test and emission test of the vehicle, components and materials; training and consulting services of odor and VOC; traceability and improvement services of odor and VOC.