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Vehicle Odor Tracing and Optimization

The key VOCs and off-flavor chemicals shall be determined by TDS-GC-ODP/MS、HS-GCMS、HPLC etc. Then, the source and mechanism of the key chemicals can be confirmed by material characterization and odor chemicals database. Thus we can provide our clients the technical optimization solution for VOCs & odors.

Vehicle Odor Tracing and Optimization

◉    Challenges

The complaints for off-flavor odors in vehicle are mostly from those chemicals in materials. Though each OEM pays huge efforts and costs for VIAQ control improvement, the management of “odor (chemicals) supply chain” is still tough for most of the OEMs and suppliers, due to the properties of odor, and the subjectivity for odor evaluation methods of human sniffing.

Here CTI provides the methods and techniques for supply chain management for the odor chemicals and VOCs, including the determination of the source and mechanism of odor chemicals, the technical solution for odor chemicals reducing and controlling with economic feasibility, by our testing and analysis methods of odor chemicals, CTI odor chemical database, and our project experiences of odor chemicals managements.  

◉    Our Services and Solutions

  1. Odor chemical analysis for vehicle/department/materials (TDS-GC-ODP/MS testing, also called GCOMS/Sniffer testing)
  2. Odor chemicals & VOCs source tracing for vehicle/department/materials
  3. Odor chemicals & VOCs optimization and implementation for vehicle/department/materials