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Power Battery Test

While the New Energy industry and technology has been developed rapidly in China’s market, the related performance and safety requirements of battery are improving constantly. CTI VBD (Vehicle Business Division) provides solutions for battery related tests within the automotive new energy industry, helping OEMs and suppliers understand the performances and features of the products, reduce potential risks, in compliance with local regulations, and therefore, obtain the target market more successfully.

Power Battery Test

   Service background

Power battery is a “core”of Electronic vehicles, which takes about 30~40 % of the whole vehicle cost, and the performance affects the range and safety directly. In order to evaluate the performance of the battery comprehensively, it is necessary to test and verify the electrical performance, reliability and safety.

As the leading third-party testing company in China’s TIC industry, CTI has been committed to provide the best quality testing services and solutions for the automotive industry. To ensure the safety and range of new energy vehicles is in compliance with China’s regulations and standards. To enhance consumer’s acceptance of new energy vehicles in the market. CTI will assist the OEMs and suppliers to improve the quality of battery products and reduce possible risks, and help the industry to be developed sustainably.

Power Battery (Cell, Module and Pack)

Test items

Electrical performance : Energy/capacity at RT, Power& DCIR,Rate Energy/capacity at HT<, Capacity loss after storage/without load, Energy efficiencyStart-up power at HT&LTDrive cycle、Cycle life(GB/T 31467.1/2GB/T 31484/6ISO 12405-1/2/4IEC 62660-1/2UL1642))

Environmental reliability: High temperature & Humidity test, Calendar life, temperature cycle, temperature shock, salt spray, vibration, mechanical shockGB/T 31467.3GB/T 31485IEC 62660-3ISO 12405-3UL2580

Material:HT< durability/aging of auto parts, salt spray, vibration, mechanical shockFailure analysis of battery material