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Seat Test

This test provides client with a wide range of professional testing services, including material testing for car seats, structural durability testing, and assembly functional items.

Seat Test

◉   Service background

 Car seat is the part which people have much direct contact with, and its comfort feeling directly affects the driving pleasure.Car seat  provides easy operation, comfortable and safe driving.It shall have the following conditions:

1. The layout of the seats in the whole carriage should be reasonable, especially the driver's seat must be in the best state;

2. The appearance design of the seat must conform to the physiological function of the human body, and strive to be beautiful on the premise of ensuring comfort;

3, The seat must be safe and reliable, There should be sufficient strength, stiffness, durability, compact structure and reduce the quality as far as possible;

4, In order to meet the comfort of drivers and passengers of all kinds of adjustment mechanism, there should be reliable locking device, to ensure safety.

◉   Service Content 

  • H point
  • Backrest angle
  • Headrest function
  • Adjuster function
  • Slide rail function
  • Heating pad function
  • Armrest function
  • SBR function
  • Cushion Assembly Endurance Strength
  • Ingress/egress test
  • Seat Back Adjuster
  • Map bag function
  •  Pressure distribution performance
  • VOC

◉   Service object

OEMs and component suppliers

◉   Our advantage 

Robot fatigue testing equipment

The size of the environment box from the micro-bin to Drive-in environment chamber is available

Experienced engineers team deeply rooted in the component industry more than 20 years

More than 10 years of laboratory testing experience and big data accumulation

◉   Service purposes 

Provide data link for component test, which can be analyzed, and Provide basis for subsequent material improvement

Provides the basis for the design and development of OEMs

Reassurance of consumer