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Tableware and Kitchenware Testing

Tableware and kitchenware include various pots and pans and various kitchen tools, etc. In addition to the sanitary, physicochemical and microbiological requirements for food contact materials, the tableware and kitchenware standard also include physical requirements, such as the insulation performance and sealing performance of heat preservation containers, and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel tableware. As an independent third-party inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, CTI provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for food-grade hygiene requirements, microbiological and physical performance testing of tableware and kitchenware, helps enterprise’s products comply with corresponding regulatory and requirements, improves product quality and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

Tableware and Kitchenware Testing

Service Background

In recent years, the quality of tableware and kitchenware has been concerned by consumers. Countries such as Europe and the United States have issued strict regulations to strengthen management. In order to eliminate quality hazards, the Chinese standards of tableware and kitchenware have been gradually improved after years of development.


1) Cups: glass cups, plastic cups, paper cups, ceramic mugs, thermos cups;

2) Bottles: milk bottles, feeding bottles, cans, plastic bottles;

3) Pots: coffee pots, purple clay pots, French press pots, sports water bottles, heat preservation pots;

4) Plates: fruit plate, fruit basket, baking tray, biscuit mold, baking mold, ice tray;

5) Tableware: spoons, bowls, plates, chopsticks, fresh-keeping boxes, fresh-keeping bowls, fresh-keeping lids;

6) Kitchenware: frying pans, pans, spatulas, boiling pans, various kitchen utensils;

7) Knives: kitchen knives, fruit knives, food scissors;

8) Packaging: food packaging, tin foil, cake box;

9) Straws: paper straws, plastic straws, bamboo straws, glass straws;

10) Others: disposable gloves, ice packs, food coatings, cutting boards.


Product material category

Products standards

Stainless steel

GB/T 29606 Stainless steel vacuum flask, QB/T 2174 Stainless steel kitchen ware, GB/T 29601 Stainless steel ware, GB/T 15067.2 Stainless steel cutlery, GB/T 30769 Stainless stefi fruit knife, QB/T 5285 Stainless steel vacuum airpot, QB/T 1924 kitchen knife


QB/T 4162 Glass tumblers, GB 17762 Safe and hygienic requirements of thermotolerant glass ware, QB/T 4064 Tempered glassware for eating and drinking, QB/T 5035 Double-wall glass cup, GB/T 30771 Domestic devitroceram, QB/T 4946 Glasswares. Stemglasses


GB/T 10815 Domestic fine pottery, GB/T 29491 Domestic dolomite wares, QB/T 2579 Ordinary ceramic cookware, QB/T 2580 Fine ceramic cookware, GB/T 30771 Domestic devitroceram, GB/T 10816 Zisha ware, GB/T 3532 Domestic porcelain ware


GB/T 18006.3 General requirement of degradable disposable tableware GB/T 5737 Plastic container for food, QB/T 1999 Melamine tableware, GB/T 32094 Plastic crisper, QB/T 4882 Daily plastic water canteen, QB/T 4049 Plastic cup for drinking, QB/T 1870 Plastic chopping board, GB/T 28118 Plastics and aluminum foil laminated films and pouches for food packaging, QB/T 2357 Polyester (PET) non-carbonated beverage bottle, GB/T 13508 Polyethylene blown containers, GB/T 24693 Polypropylene drinking straw


QB/T 4763 Pulp molding tableware, GB/T 36787 Pulp molding tableware, QB/T 2898 Lunch container set made of paper, GB/T 27590 Paper cup, GB/T 27591 Paper bowl, GB/T 27589 Paper container set for food


GB/T 11416 Domestic insulated containers, GB/T 30230 Safety requirement of sporting canteen, GB/T 19790.1 Disposable chopsticks. Part 1: Wooden chopsticks, GB/T 19790.2 Disposable chopsticks. Part 2: Bamboo chopsticks, GB/T 32095 Performance and test methods of non-stick surface of domestic metal cooking utensils for household food

Test Items

Sensory requirements, volume, load, drop, heat resistance, oil resistance, pollution resistance, microwave oven, dishwasher, moisture content, sealing performance, heat preservation performance, etc.

◉ Sample Quantity

Depends on product and test standards, test items

◉ CTI Solutions

CTI provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for food-grade hygiene requirements, microbiological and physical performance testing of tableware and kitchenware.

◉ Our Strengths

  1. CTI brand influence: As the forerunner in testing and verification services for Chinese companies, CTI is the leading comprehensive third-party agency specializing in testing, calibration, inspection, certification, and technical services through provision of a one-stop solution for clients of all types and sizes.
  2. CTI has an extensive network distribution and provides fast localization services.
  3. CTI has an efficient and independent laboratory that can provide professional and reliable testing services
  4. CTI has long-term responsibility for market supervision and random inspection of the country, provinces and cities

◉ Service Process

Consult customer service representatives → Confirm the test programs →Fill out the application form→ Send test samples→ Pay for the tests→ Send reports and invoices

◉ Common Problem

Is China's tableware and kitchenware product standards mandatory?

China's tableware and kitchenware product standards are recommended. On the basis of meeting mandatory standards or in the case of no mandatory standards for products, recommended product standards encourage companies to make their products meet certain quality requirements, but they are not mandatory requirements.

Tableware has been tested to the FCM standard. Does it still need to meet the standards for tableware products?

In China, the FCM sanitary standards (GB 4806 series) are mandatory standards and are safety requirements that FCMs must follow. The product standards for most tableware and kitchenware are recommendations. In addition to the requirements of the FCM hygiene standards, the product standards of tableware and kitchenware also include physical properties, microorganisms and other content, which put forward higher requirements for product quality and safety. In addition to the tests of FCM sanitary requirements, product standards are equivalent to supplementary requirements for product quality.

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