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Biodegradation Testing

In recent years, ubiquitous plastic products have made environmental pollution more and more serious.Europe, the United States, and China have successively introduced "plastic restriction orders" to prohibit the production and sale of certain plastic products and promote green plastic products.
CTI provides professional biodegradable testing services.Applicable products include disposable tableware, postal express packaging products, hotel supplies, resin and starch products, and plant fiber molded products.

Biodegradation Testing

◉    Service Background

At the beginning of this year, the strongest plastic limit order has been issued, which caused a heated debate. Plastic products can no longer be used "willfully". According to incomplete statistics, up to now, 24 provinces in China have successively issued implementation plans of the "plastic restriction orders". China, EU, USA and other countries have issued "plastic ban", banning the use of certain non-degradable plastic products. So in this context, the research and development of highly efficient degradable plastics has become an important topic in the field of plastics and packaging, and has become a global hot spot. CTI can provide professional biodegradability testing services according to different products and testing standards to help enterprises control the quality and safety of materials.

◉    Scope

Disposable tableware, packings for express service, hotel supplies, resin and starch, plant fiber molding products, etc.

◉    Test Standards



Test method

1. GB/T 19277.1-2011 Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of materials under controlled composting conditions.

2. ISO 14855-1-2012 Determination of biodegradability and Non-collectivity of oxygen-rich bacteria in plastic materials under controlled composting conditions. Carbon dioxide increment analysis. Part 1: General methods

General requirements

1. GB/T 20197-2006 Define, classify, marking and degradability requirement of degradable plastic

2. EN 13432 Test plan, test, evaluation and certification of biodegradable packaging materials

3. GB/T 28206-2011 Technical requirements for compostable plasticsequal with ISO 170882012

4. GB/T 32163.2-2015 Specification for evaluation of ecological design products - Part 2: Biodegradable plastics

5. HJ 209-2017 Environmental labeling products technical requirements of plastic packaging products

Disposable tableware

GB/T 18006.1-2009 General technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware

Packing for express service

1. GB/T 38727-2020 Biodegradable plastic films and bags for express logistics transportation and delivery

2. GB/T 16606.3-2018 Packing for express service—Part 3: Packing bag

3. YZ/T 0160.2-2007 Postal packaging tape - Part 2 biodegradable tape

4. GB/T 39084-2020 Green product assessment-Packing for express service

5. YZ/T 0166-2018 The technical requirements for mail and express for packing filler

Thin film bag

1. GB/T 20197-2006 Define, classify, marking and biodegradability requirement of degradable plastic

2. GB/T 21661-2008 Plastic shopping bags

3. GB/T 33798-2017 :Bio-polyester drum-linkage bags

4. GB/T 28018-2011 Biodegradable plastic refuse sack

Resin and starch

1. GB/T 29284-2012 Poly (lactic acid)

2. GB/T 31124-2014 PPC

3. GB/T 32366-2015 PBAT

4. QB/T 2890-2007 PHB

5. GB/T 33796-2017 General requirement of thermoplastic starch

products used in guestroom of hotel

GB/T 24453-2009 Plastic products used in guestroom of hotel

Mulching film for agricultural uses

GB/T 35795-2017 Biodegradable mulching film for agricultural uses


GB/T 30406-2013 general requirement of molding product of plant fiber

◉    Test Items

Biodegradability Testing

Sample requirements

It depends on the product and testing standards.

◉    CTI Solutions

CTI lab is accredited by UKAS, CMA and CNAS (China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories), CTI is the CPSC recognized testing laboratory for the CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act), can provide enterprises with testing, inspection, inspection and certification and other one-stop services.

◉    Our Strengths

  1. CTI brand influence: As the forerunner in testing and verification services for Chinese companies, CTI is the leading comprehensive third-party agency specializing in testing, calibration, inspection, certification, and technical services through provision of a one-stop solution for clients of all types and sizes.
  2. CTI has an extensive network distribution and provides fast localization services.
  3. CTI has an efficient and independent laboratory that can provide professional and reliable testing services

◉    Consult Customer Service

Representatives → Confirm the test programs →Fill out the application form→ Send test samples→ Say for the tests→ Send reports and invoices

◉    Common Problem

Q: What’s the meaning for Biodegradability?

A: Biodegradability, also known as biolysis, refers to degradation caused by biological activity. As the material is gradually digested by microorganisms as a nutrient source, it will lead to mass loss and degradation of properties such as physical properties, etc., and eventually decompose the material into CO2, H2O, methane, mineral salts and other substances.

Q: Which are common biodegradable plastics?

A: The most common biodegradable plastic is PLA. Others such as PBS, PBAT, PBSA, PCL, PCL, Starch, PGA, PVA, PHA, etc.


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