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Textile Mandatory Standard GB 18401 Testing

CTI provides testing service of mandatory standard GB 18401 for textile, in order to helps textile manufacturing and trading enterprises improving the compliance of product, and reducing the penalty rate of market supervision departments and the complaint rate of customers.

Textile Mandatory Standard GB 18401 Testing

◉    Background of service

Garments, hats, gloves, socks and other daily wearable textile, towels, bed sheets, quilt covers, curtains, wall cloth and other textile for everyday use, as an indispensable part of our life, their quality is increasingly valued by consumers and market supervision departments.In order to ensure that textile products are harmless to human body, the Institute of Standardization of Textile Industry and the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Textile Products drafted the mandatory textile standard GB 18401-2010 National general safety technical code for textile products.

CTI provides testing service of mandatory standard GB 18401 for textile, in order to helps textile manufacturing and trading enterprises improving the compliance of product, and reducing the penalty rate of market supervision departments and the complaint rate of customers.

◉    GB 18401 service

1. Applicable products

All clothing, decorative and household textile products produced and sold in China.

Textile intended for garments: underwear, short sleeves, shirt, sweater, skirt, trousers, cotton-wadded jacket, down garment, pajamas, swimming suit, hat, socks, gloves, etc.;

Decorative textile: bedspread, wall cloth, curtain, etc.;

Household textile: towel, handkerchief, bed sheet, pillowcase, quilt cover, blanket, quilt, etc.

2. Testing period

Routine: 4 working days.

Note: If you need urgent service, please consult service personnel.

Sample size

1-2 pieces of garments or 50×50cm fabric (please consult service personnel in case of special requirements).

4.Technical requirements in GB 18401

◉    Serving procedure


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